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Belfast Comm Radio

Belfast Community Radio Station
By Belfast, for Belfast
The unique 100W broadcaster at 100.9 FM
in Midcoast Maine

A hearty band of community radio volunteers has come forward to realize plans that the City of Belfast has been working hard to get started. Our local station has a broadcasting area of 5-10 miles and launched December 17, 2016 at 100.9 FM. With the enthusiastic response from business and individual donors, we were able to be on the air ahead of the original January 2017 target date!

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Title: Belfast Community Radio
Description: WBFY - 100.9 FM - Belfast, Maine
Genre: Community Station
Website: http://wbfy.caster.fm
Bitrate: 128

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We broadcast from the Waterfall Arts building on High Street in Belfast. It is expected that the new hyper-local radio station will bring together diverse groups within Belfast as residents and visitors enjoy the mix of local talent. Programming ideas and principles are coming together right now as committees meet and the excitement builds.

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WBFY Belfast Community Radio

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